Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Free SuperLauncher (100% discount)

SuperLauncher is a powerful launcher and scheduler that provides quick access to your favorite applications,
folders, websites, and documents. Launch items using hotkeys, add new items by drag-n-drop, schedule items to run one or many times, group items, automatically insert commonly typed text, display reminders, and automate system shutdown and restart — this is just some of the functionality of SuperLauncher. SuperLauncher is an extremely easy-to-use productivity booster. Get it now!

Free SuperLauncher (100% discount)

  • This is a multi-computer lifetime license, for home use
  • You get free updates for one year
  • You get free tech support for one year
  • Can install / reinstall / register whenever you want, but you must get your license key and download the installer before this offer
  • May not be resold


Please read the directions given below for your license key or to learn how to register this offer.

 Download 1: SPLaunchInstAG.exe
Download 2: (Download Mirror) SPLaunchInstAG.exe

The download link for SuperLauncher is given to you above. The registration process for SuperLauncher is a bit tricky, so read the following carefully:
  • First visit the registration page and fill out the registration form.
  • Now download SuperLauncher from the download link given to you above and install it. If the first link doesn’t work, try the second link. Make sure to only download from the links given to you above.
  • Once installed, run SuperLauncher and at the Trial window, go to ‘Register’ –> Select ‘Send key to my e-mail’ –> Click ‘Next’ –> Enter the e-mail address you used to register –> Click ‘Send’.
  • Now check the inbox of the email address you used to register. Look for an email from PCWinSoft — it will contain your registration key.
  • Finally, go back to SuperLauncher and the the Trial window, go to ‘Register’ –> Select ‘Enter key’ –> Click ‘Next’ –> Enter the key you have received via e-mail –> Click ‘Authenticate’.
If you do it properly, you should now have a fully registered SuperLauncher. If it doesn’t work for you and you are confused as to what to do, you can view this video that shows.
 you how to register.
Be sure to leave a nice comment if you like this offer or ask for help if you have any trouble.

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