Monday, July 20, 2015

Android App Make 20$ per day for Free

Android App Make 20$ per day for Free

There is interesting info for you who want to dig dollars , now do not need to bother blogging or use ads again , enough to capitalize Android gadget you 've been able to get dollars easily and certainly not time-consuming you . It's just that you get the dollars per day is not much , at least $ 1 - $ 2 dollars only, but if you have alot of friend or site like this you can earn 20$ per day in easy way.

Withdrawals can be made ​​via PayPal balance
Payment proof

Actually this is the core of the WHAFF You must try the application for a few minutes , and you can get $ 0.10 - $ 0.30 / her application . That you can get every day , more and more applications you install , the more dollars you get .
First go to playstore on your android phone then install WHAFF application
Open WHAFF and click login
 Login Via facebook


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