Friday, September 18, 2015

Advance Your Windows Dev Skills & Get C# Certified

Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer: Windows Store Apps Using C# (91% off)

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Develop Fast, Fluid Windows 8 Apps & Earn the Certification to Prove It

Microsoft isn't messing around when it comes to its certification offerings. These three C# programming exams are accurate assessments of your knowledge, and highly regarded by engineers and recruiters everywhere. Prepare to blow these exams out of the water with complete, quality prep you can watch from the comfort of the couch.

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Mpow 4-Port USB Wall Charger (26% off)

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The Mega Mac 2015 Bundle (94% off)

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Amazon Web Services Engineer Bootcamp Bundle (89% off)

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Blinkist Premium: 1 Year Subscription (62% off)

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Conquer iOS 8 Programming in 31 Days (60% off)

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proXPN VPN: Premium Lifetime Subscription (89% off)

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Makeblock Arduino Starter Robot Kit (46% off)

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Project Management Certification Bundle (97% off)

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eduCBA Tech Training Bundle (97% off)

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TigerVPN Lite: Lifetime Subscription (96% off)

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Ultimate Data & Analytics Bundle (97% off)

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Drive Genius 4 (59% off)

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ZeroLemon 4-Port USB Hub (25% off)

A4129d990f6f301cf288db25dd4159d7b59c962c main hero image

FosPower International AC & USB Charger (50% off)

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Ultimate All-Level Excel Bootcamp (95% off)

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Titan Loop MFi-Certified Lightning Cable (33% off)

Medium 2581 seoprobundle mf primary

SEO Expert Bundle (95% off)

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Turcom Graphic Drawing Tablet & Stylus (64% off)

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VPN Unlimited: Lifetime Subscription (70% off)

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Noun Project Unlimited Icons: 2-Yr Subscription (83% off)

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