Tuesday, January 5, 2016

recover deleated file from memory card hard disk usb drive

Easy Disk Recovery
Deleted files or experienced a hard drive failure? Can’t access a disk or memory card? Desperate to get Disk Recovery Wizard makes it simple to everyone and their mom to recover data from corrupted hard drives and restoring information from damaged disks and partitions even if Windows can’t see or access them!
your files back and considering a data recovery service? Save time and money and perform the recovery yourself! You are perfectly able to handle the job when armed with a proper tool.
Disk Recovery Wizard Can:
  • Recover files and folders from healthy, corrupted and inaccessible disks
  • Recover information from hard disks, SSD, USB drives and memory cards
  • Undelete deleted files and documents
  • Scan the entire disk to discover lost or deleted partitions automatically
  • Recover files from damaged and inaccessible disks
  • Restore information from the disks after a system failure
  • Save data from a formatted drive (ext2, ext3, FAT and NTFS)
  • Recover latest versions of saved documents with PowerSearch
  • Recover digital pictures with PowerSearch
  • Undelete files removed from Windows Recycle Bin
Is It That Easy?
It’s been easy since we introduced the tool, but became even easier with the last iteration of the product. All you have to do to recover your disk and data completely is pointing a finger at the corrupted device, and clicking “Next”! Disk Recovery Wizard makes the complex process of disk recovery appear extremely simple to you, the user. No matter what version of Windows you were using and what file system (FAT or NTFS) your disk had, Disk Recovery Wizard will carefully scan the damaged drive to locate all partitions and recover your files and data.
Is It Guaranteed?
Anyone who “guarantees” data recovery is not telling the whole truth. Sorry if that’s not what you wanted to hear. Yet, with Disk Recovery Wizard we come darn close to giving you a 100% guarantee! Scan the disk and click on any file. If you see a preview of that file – yes, we’ll guarantee that this particular file is fully, completely, 100% recoverable! With support for more than 250 formats, Live Preview is more than just a preview. It has become a powerful data recovery tool helping you decide what’s recoverable and what you want to recover.
Our signature Live Preview feature works even in the free edition. The Disk Recovery Wizard implementation of Live Preview not only displays a full-size preview of documents, pictures, archives and multimedia files, but does it carefully enough not to do any damage to the original file or disk. Live Preview does not write anything onto the damaged disk, or any disk if that matters; instead, it stores the recoverable file in the computer’s RAM memory. While Live Preview is no snake oil, it does guarantee successful recovery provided that you see the preview. 
Please read the directions given below.YOUR DOWNLOAD disk_recovery_wizard_setup.exe
Download file 2: (Download Mirror) disk_recovery_wizard_setup.exe
The download link for Disk Recovery Wizard is given to you above. Download and install Disk Recovery Wizard and then register it using the following:
  • RegName: sharewareonsale
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