Tuesday, January 26, 2016

WebSite X5 Compact 11 Build Websites, Blogs, and e-Commerce Storefronts Get It Free Now

 How to Create a Website in 5 Steps with WebSite X5
Remember back in the day when you had to have a command of HTML tags in order to build even a halfway decent website? Well, those days are gone, and now you can build amazing sites, blogs, and storefronts with today’s discount software promotion, WebSite X5 Compact 11!
WebSite X5 Compact 11 lets you create responsive websites, blogs, and e-Commerce portals, all without programming. With WebSite X5 Compact 11, the sites you produce will already be optimized for a number of viewing platforms, from desktops to laptops and mobile phones and tablets. Start with over 1000 templates and more than 400,000 royalty-free pictures and customize to meet your needs.
What can you do with WebSite X5 Compact 11? How about photo galleries, email forms, password-protected pages, banners and more? Best of all, all of your design in WebSite X5 Compact 11 is accomplished using Drag & Drop functionality! And your content is already SEO-optimized so that your pages will show up in Google search results!


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Registration Info

Upgrades to future versions of the software will require additional payment. Installing a new version may overwrite the existing version and invalidate your license key.


Please notice below the steps you need to follow for installing and registering the application:
1. The program must be downloaded, installed and activated within 48 hours.
2. The setup file name should not be modified, this means that the name of the EXE file which installs the product may not be changed.
3. For product registration, you must have an Internet connection and use a valid e-mail address, since this has to be confirmed.
4. The license key will be sent automatically from the Incomedia server.

Just in case there are issues during the activation, here is the link where you can get the licence key manually:

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