Wednesday, September 14, 2016

7thShare Any Blu-ray Ripper [for PC]$29.00 Free! (100% off)

With 7thShare Any Blu-ray Ripper you can rip Blu-ray disc/movie to MP4/MKV/MOV/AVI/H.264, etc. and even convert Blu-ray to 3D video with super-high quality.
Feature Highlights
– Rip Blu-ray Disc to 2D and 3D video without quality loss
– Supports five 3D modes – Anaglyph (Red/cyan), Side By Side (Full/Half-Width), Top and Bottom (Full/Half-Height) – Convert Blu-ray movie to HD videos like HD MP4, HD MKV, HD MOV, and more
– Support iPhone (iPhone 6s/6s plus), iPad (iPad pro, iPad mini 4), iPod, Google Nexus, Samsung, Surface, HTC and so on

Convert Blu-ray Disc to any 2D video and audio format
7thShare Any Blu-ray Ripper can rip Blu-ray Disc to any popular video format like AVI, MP4, MOV, M4V, MPEG, WMV, 3GP, and even HD videos like HD WMV, HD MKV, HD MOV, etc. Besides, this Blu-ray Ripper software has the capable of extracting audio files from Blu-ray disc and converting them to AAC, AC3, AIFF, MP3, M4A, MP2, WAV, WMA and more audio formats. You can enjoy the converted video/audio files on various portable devices like iPad (iPad pro, iPad mini 4, iPad Air 2), iPhone (iPhone 6s/6s plus), iPod (iPod touch, iPod nano), Samsung Galaxy S7/Note 5, Galaxy Tab, Surface, Google Nexus, HTC, Android phones, Windows phones, Xbox

7thShare Any Blu-ray Ripper (100% discount) YOUR DOWNLOADYour download will start automatically, or you can manually download from the link below.

Download: SharewareOnSale_Giveaway_Sep-11-2016_7thShare_Any_Blu-ray_Ripper_hub.exe DIRECTIONS
The download link for 7thShare Any Blu-ray Ripper is given to you above. Download and install 7thShare Any Blu-ray Ripper. After install, run 7thShare Any Blu-ray Ripper and register it with the following:
  • Name: SharewareOnSale
  • SharewareOnSale exclusive license key: 4D40B32EBD344c84BCE23F454F913D9E
When registering, make sure to use the name we give you above; if you use your own name, it may not register properly. Enjoy!

Iris Mini Pro [for PC & Mac] software for eye protection

Iris Mini Pro is software for eye protection which makes your monitor better for your eyes. Iris Mini Pro reduces the emitted blue light from the screen automatically at night and reduces the screen brightness without PWM flicker on all monitors.
The Pro version of Iris Mini has more feature than the Free version; it also includes Hidden Features!
 Your download will start automatically, or you can manually download from the link below.

Download 1: (Windows) SharewareOnSale_Giveaway_Sep-13-2016_Iris_Mini_Pro_hub.exe
Download 2: (Mac) iris-mini-pro.dmg

The download link for Iris Mini Pro is given to you above. Download and run Iris Mini Pro, and register it with the following:
  • SharewareOnSale exclusive license key: iris-giveaway
You can register by right-clicking the Iris icon in the system tray and going to ACTIVATE PRO. (NOTE: If you get an error "You have already used this code on another machine", then please close Iris Mini Pro, reopen it, and try to register again -- it will work.) You may need to restart your computer after activating to enable all the features. Enjoy!

DUMo (Drivers Update Monitor) keeps your PC up-to-date & safe

DUMo (Drivers Update Monitor) keeps your PC up-to-date & safe by using the most recent version of required hardware drivers!


  • User-friendly driver updater
  • Automatic detection of installed hardware
  • Detects required drivers according to your version of Microsoft Windows
  • More compatibility and less false positive than others drivers monitors (according to users feedback ;-)
  • Internationalization support
  •  Your download will start automatically, or you can manually download from the link below.

    Download: SharewareOnSale_Giveaway_Sep-13-2016_DUMo_PRO_hub.exe DIRECTIONS
    The download link for DUMo PRO is given to you above. Download DUMo PRO and install it. After installation, run it and register it with the following:
  • Name: SharewareOnSale
  • SharewareOnSale exclusive license key: 50083089074093069104074093069096087094065093078050046054

You can register by going to the ? icon -> ABOUT -> ENTER LICENSE DATA. Make sure to use the name we give you above; if you use your own name, it will not register properly. Enjoy!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

ArtScop creator of magical images

With ArtScope you are the creator of magical images. Enjoy the process of creating and spectating. Relax from hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy delightful, ever-changing kaleidoscope. Amaze your eyes with bright and saturated colors, while relaxing and enjoying the patterns and colors combinations, slowly rotating in the mesmerizing dance of light. Add music background and the effect will be even stronger. Do yourself a big favor and bring this little bit of ‘Sacrament’ into your home as a way to escape from your worries for a while. Travel in this wonderful world of art and use your HD TV set to get the maximum effect. I think you will love it! ArtScope is a perfect toy for all ages.

ArtScope functionality

– Six layers to create a beautiful image. Four layers to create animation.
– Animation in layers 2 and 3: scaling image tiles, opacity tiles, rotation of the layer and image tiles. Option to create a symmetric/non-symmetric pattern. Option to turn on/off the odd sector. Smooth change of images, i.e. smooth transition from one picture to another.
– Create video.
– Option to modify the number of sectors in layers 2 and 3.
– Option to create symmetrical pattern.
– Option to create a pattern with opacity.
– Option to change sector’s height in layers 2 and 3.
– Option to change sector’s geometry in layers 2 and 3.
– Option to view list of images in all layers.
– Elegant and easy interface.
 Download: SharewareOnSale_Giveaway_Sep-10-2016_ArtScope_hub.exe

The download link for ArtScope is given to you above. Download and install ArtScope. After install, run ArtScope and register it with the following:
  • SharewareOnSale exclusive license key: 1e3af557-f990-430e-a894-e9251b9ba2b7
To register ArtScope, you will need to press the F11 key while inside the program and go to the 10 YEARS tab; enter the license key we give you above in the PAYMENT ID box and click ENTER. Enjoy!

IObit Uninstaller Pro 6.0.2 Giveaway of the day Software Free Now

IObit Uninstaller offers the easiest and fastest solution to uninstall programs, browser plugins and Windows
Apps, even remove the stubborn ones and unwanted malicious plugins or toolbars that can't be removed by an anti-spyware program. IObit Uninstaller pays high attention to those stubborn programs and provides you with specific method to uninstall them. With enhanced Powerful Scan and Force Uninstall features, all leftovers can be removed completely from your computer just like they were never installed in your PC.
Please note: the license is provided for 1 year

Unzip the package you`ve downloaded and install the software by running Setup.exe.
Launch the application, then register the software using the registration info below:
download link

Registration key:



!!! .GCD file included is necessary for correct installation and activation. Please make sure to extract all enclosed files to the same folder. After successful activation and installation you may safely delete GOTD installation files from your PC (including .GCD)!!!

You have to install and activate it before the Giveaway offer for the software is over.

Terms and conditions

Please note that the software you download and install
during the Giveaway period comes with the following important limitations:
1) No free technical support
2) No free upgrades to future versions
3) Strictly non-commercial usage

Friday, September 9, 2016

Free AmoLink Premium (100% discount)

 AmoLink is a modern and fashion visual content creator. AmoLink helps you to create and share fun photo-video stories/content with music you love! You can create greeting cards, invitations, photo collages, resume, online PPT, slideshows, news reports, infographic, and anything you want. It’s very easy, and supper fun!


AmoLink is an online platform that features with specialized animated templates and designs, which enables users to customize and share their visual ideas online.
Cool Effects and Highly Interactive
Integrating dynamic effects, music, video, record and images, create animated layouts instead of traditional ones to bring people best interaction.
Edit Online, Share with a Link!
Adopting advanced HTML5 web technology and the cloud storage, AmoLink can easily edit and share your contents online.

Free AmoLink Premium (100% discount)

Password: VItZ8zWDc2
Note: Make sure to read the directions below to learn how to use this!

There is no download for AmoLink Premium, because AmoLink Premium is an online web app. We have automatically created an AmoLink Premium account for you with an active subscription as part of this giveaway. The email and password to your AmoLink Premium is given above. Head over to AmoLink’s website, log in with the email and password given to you above, and enjoy! If you have trouble logging into your AmoLink Premium account, try resetting your password from their website.
Be sure to leave a nice comment if you like this offer or ask for help if you have any trouble.
Enjoy this giveaway? We have more gifts for you at SharewareOnSale -- check it out!


Note! Download / activate / register this giveaway immediately. If you try to download / activate / register later, you may get errors!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

$29.99 Free! (100% off) Sticky Password Premium [for PC, Mac, Android, & iOS]

Sticky Password is a password manager with features such as automated login, automatic form filling, and password generator, and it protects your data with industry-standard AES-256 encryption coupled with your master password or biometric authentication (e.g. fingerprint).
Sticky Password is available on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, and you have the option (if you want) to automatically synchronize your data across all your computers, smartphones, and tablets. If you prefer not to sync data via Sticky Password’s cloud-based servers, you can utilize Sticky Password Premium’s local WiFi sync, which syncs your data over your own network and never touches the cloud. Get it now!
Sticky Password is the ideal password manager and automated form filler for today’s web. Use the password generator to create safe passwords for apps and sites or build your own, then store them all in the encrypted database. The software protects effectively against phishing scams and key loggers, keeping your identity secure online. Use it on all your Windows, Android and iOS devices with a single license thanks to online sync, so you will always have your passwords whenever you need them.

Main Benefits

Fill Out Forms Instantly
Sticky Password completes even the longest forms for you – automatically. No need to register every time you shop or download – once you’ve stored your information in the password manager, you can recall it instantly on any device whenever you need it.
Log In Automatically
With all that you do online, it’s a challenge to create and remember passwords for your favorite sites and apps – whether it be email, social networks, shopping, banking, magazines and other subscriptions, or school and community groups.
Only One Password to Remember
Your master password is the only one you need to remember – Sticky Password does the rest. If you have passwords set up already, just import them when you install the software. And whenever you need a new password, Sticky Password creates one for you – automatically.
Unbeatable Security
Sticky Password creates the strongest possible passwords and stores them behind multiple layers of protection. Your password manager database is encrypted with powerful encryption algorithms, including military-grade AES encryption.
Support For All Your Devices
 YOUR CODE   DA01PR-154E69-29563C

Note: Make sure to read the directions below to learn how to register with this code!YOUR DOWNLOADYour download will start automatically, or you can manually download from the link below.

Download 1: (Windows) SharewareOnSale_Giveaway_Sep-7-2016_Sticky_Password_Premium_hub.exe
Download 2: (Mac) StickyPassword_rev840_sharewareonsale201609.dmg
Download 3: (Android) Sticky Password on Play Store

3StepPDF Create, Extract, Merge, and Watermark PDF 100% Off

Want to create documents in the PDF format, but don’t want to drop big bucks on an enterprise-level flagship software application? Don’t despair, just pick up a copy of today’s discount software promotion, 3StepPDF!
3StepPDF lets you create, extract, merge, and watermark PDF documents with ease. With 3StepPDF, you’ll be able to combine text and images to build PDF documents from scratch, with control over alignment, fonts, formatting, and more. Or, if you need a PDF and only have a scan in JPG or PNG format, 3StepPDF can help you to extract text as a PDF, with recognition for five languages!
But say you already have PDF documents in hand and need to do stuff with them? Say no more! 3StepPDF lets you merge multiple PDF documents into a single file. It also lets you apply watermarks to one or more PDF files in one session, with control over watermark text attributes and image scales! Just imagine, everything you ever wanted to do with PDFs, all in one inexpensive application!
3StepPDF v1.1.0 - PC


Download 3StepPDF

Registration Information

Make sure to input the registration info exactly as it is shown below

You must install/register the software while the promotion is active, and cannot do so afterwards. Upgrades to future versions of the software will require additional payment. Installing a new version may overwrite the existing version and invalidate your license key.

Registration Email:
Registration Key: A469B-33160-608B4-B1E56

Use this registration information to unlock the software after installation.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Reg Organizer $39.95 Free! (100% off)

Reg Organizer 7.40
Maintenance and Optimization for Windows

Reg Organizer is a set of efficient tools to tweak, optimize, and clean Windows, designed to effortlessly free up system resources and rev performance to the max. The set includes a visual autostart manager, an advanced uninstaller featuring search for leftovers of uninstalled programs in the system, functions to purge unnecessary data, a powerful registry editor to quickly search and replace keys and data, and much more – all to keep your system healthy.
With Reg Organizer, you can efficiently free up system resources and maximize performance of your computer. And you don’t have to be a tech savvy to do this as the interface is refreshingly simple.
The easy-to-use uninstaller tool allows you to quickly remove unnecessary applications as well as all traces and leftovers they may have left in the system. This includes folders, files, and registry keys that typically stay in the system forever after the standard uninstalling.
Thanks to the autostart manager tool, you can make Windows start a lot faster by turning off unnecessary apps and suspending the start of the less important ones. A visual diagram explicitly illustrates the actual speed increase of the boot process.
System clean up functions allow removing unnecessary and outdated information from the computer to free up some additional space. For instance, you can remove the older version of the operating system, outdated updates, temporary folders, and more. Sometimes, this results in reclaiming an additional 15-20 GB of disk space.

Reg Organizer (100% discount) YOUR DOWNLOADYour download will start automatically, or you can manually download from the link below.

Download: SharewareOnSale_Giveaway_Sep-3-2016_Reg_Organizer_hub.exe DIRECTIONS
The download link for Reg Organizer is provided to you above. Download and install Reg Organizer. After install, run Reg Organizer and register it with the following:
  • SharewareOnSale exclusive license key: BY6H-S3GQG-B6M85-JH63L-655E2-ST9Q4-ZYPTP-TPZH9-3SUE5
You register it by going to HELP -> ENTER THE LICENSE KEY from within the program. Enjoy!
Be sure to leave a nice comment if you like this offer or ask for help if you have any trouble.

iCare Data Recovery Professional giveaway and is fully registered. Enjoy!

What’s more? It could recover files from formatted drive, RAW file system, drive has not formatted error, RAW drive, undelete files emptied recycle bin, recover files due to partition lost, system crash, software crash, bad boot sector, missing boot sector, bad MBR, $MFT damaged, lost partition table, lost or damaged FAT, virus infections, power failure, and other unknown data loss

iCare Data Recovery Professional works perfectly with hardware RAID and hard drive, USB drive, SD card, memory card, etc. It provides the comprehensive data recovery solution for computer users.

Partition Recovery

Recover files from lost partition, deleted partition, partition not detected by PC…

Advanced File Recovery

Recovering deleted files with original folders and names, not formatted drive or card…

Deep Scan Recovery

RAW recovery module, recover files from bad boot sector, mbr, virus attack, damaged FAT…

iCare Data Recovery Pro (100% discount) YOUR DOWNLOADYour download will start automatically, or you can manually download from the link below.

Download: SharewareOnSale_Giveaway_Sep-4-2016_iCare_Data_Recovery_Pro_hub.exe DIRECTIONS
The download link for iCare Data Recovery Pro is given to you above. Download iCare Data Recovery Pro and install it. After installation, run it and register it with the following;
  • SharewareOnSale exclusive license key: ASUYR-QTCU6-YPEXX-XDE9B-KA4S9-BWVVX-EK76F-RKIJP-J5BYA-HT6SA
  •  You can register it by clicking REGISTER from within the program. If you don't see a REGISTER button, that means the program accepted your registration from a prior giveaway and is fully registered. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Zemana AntiLogger recognizes giveaway free now

We keep your private data private!Zemana AntiLogger recognizes, prevents and blocks any kind of online identity theft and financial deception

How Can Financial Malware Harm you?


  • Obtain your credentials (usernames, passwords and credit card details)
  • Empty out your bank account
  • Authorize payments in your name

Sounds dangerous?
Don't Worry, We Got You Covered.

Zemana AntiLogger is a powerful, efficient, and user friendly app that keeps track of who is doing what on your PC. It monitors your PC against the bad guys and prevents any kind of attempts to record or steal your private data and blocks any kind of suspicious activity
Zemana AntiLogger recognizes, prevents and blocks any kind of online identity theft and financial deception.
Designed to work alongside anti-virus products, Zemana AntiLogger adds an essential security layer. While an anti-virus will protect you against a wide range of malware, Zemana AntiLogger is able to stop advanced threats developed with a specific objective: to steal your private information or gain access to your secure internet connections.


Financial Malware Protection
The vast majority of banking and financial transactions take place on SSL secure sites whose URLs begin with https. SSL data encryption reliably secures your data during online shopping and financial transactions.
Sophisticated banker trojans are designed to steal your data directly from your PC, while you are entering it and before it gets encrypted, for transfer over the internet. This is an attack method used by the infamous ZeuS. Zemana AntiLogger is one ofthe very few products on the market that is able to close this dangerous vulnerability by intercepting and shutting down suspicious processes.
DOWNLOAD :  SharewareOnSale_Giveaway_Sep-1-2016_Zemana_AntiLogger_Premium_hub.exe

 exclusive license key: ZAL-SHAREWAREONSALE