Thursday, September 1, 2016

Zemana AntiLogger recognizes giveaway free now

We keep your private data private!Zemana AntiLogger recognizes, prevents and blocks any kind of online identity theft and financial deception

How Can Financial Malware Harm you?


  • Obtain your credentials (usernames, passwords and credit card details)
  • Empty out your bank account
  • Authorize payments in your name

Sounds dangerous?
Don't Worry, We Got You Covered.

Zemana AntiLogger is a powerful, efficient, and user friendly app that keeps track of who is doing what on your PC. It monitors your PC against the bad guys and prevents any kind of attempts to record or steal your private data and blocks any kind of suspicious activity
Zemana AntiLogger recognizes, prevents and blocks any kind of online identity theft and financial deception.
Designed to work alongside anti-virus products, Zemana AntiLogger adds an essential security layer. While an anti-virus will protect you against a wide range of malware, Zemana AntiLogger is able to stop advanced threats developed with a specific objective: to steal your private information or gain access to your secure internet connections.


Financial Malware Protection
The vast majority of banking and financial transactions take place on SSL secure sites whose URLs begin with https. SSL data encryption reliably secures your data during online shopping and financial transactions.
Sophisticated banker trojans are designed to steal your data directly from your PC, while you are entering it and before it gets encrypted, for transfer over the internet. This is an attack method used by the infamous ZeuS. Zemana AntiLogger is one ofthe very few products on the market that is able to close this dangerous vulnerability by intercepting and shutting down suspicious processes.
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