Wednesday, October 26, 2016

AlomWare Actions v1.34 promo version released

AlomWare Actions lets you work smarter and be more productive by automating all aspects of your day! With no programming skills at all, you can quickly create actions that open your favorite documents and apps with a hotkey, or that type text for you, or that send push notifications by email about whatever you need to know. If you’re the sort of person who likes to “get things done”, then AlomWare Actions is for you!
Unlike other automation products, AlomWare Actions was designed to be simple. Just create a new blank action, and add plain-English steps to it by double-clicking them from the comprehensive step list. There is no typing or programming involved when selecting steps, and every action can have as many steps as needed. When your action is done, you can assign an optional hotkey to it for running at any time.
If you don’t want to create an action from scratch, just use the simple Action Wizard to instantly create common actions such as opening apps and documents, typing regular text, modifying the clipboard text, running DOS commands, and so on. Select the type of action you’d like and follow the easy and intuitive prompts. Your time-saving action will be ready in less than a minute!
There’s also a macro recorder in AlomWare Actions to record your keystrokes and mouse clicks for later playback. For example: never type your email address again, or log into your favorite websites without needing to remember or type your password. This is especially useful for people with restricted mobility because it can play back recorded movements and mouse clicks for them.
AlomWare Actions can replace many other apps you may already be using. For example, why use a stand-alone file-listing app when AlomWare Actions can do it for you? And why use a bulky window management tool when AlomWare Actions can set your window transparencies and other properties automatically? Speed up your PC by removing other multiple apps and use our efficient all-in-one to
lDownload: SharewareOnSale_Giveaway_Oct-25-2016_AlomWare_Actions_hub.exe

The download link for AlomWare Actions is given to you above. The download of AlomWare Actions is an exclusive SharewareOnSale installer with registration built-in. Download, install, and enjoy AlomWare Actions -- there is no need to register it, we automatically register it when you download from us. Enjoy!


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