Donald Trump Drain the SwampSince the start of his campaign, President-Elect Donald Trump promised the country that the "swamp" of government would be drained during his presidency. In a recent article on The Hill, Democratic senators are speaking out against the elected president and pointing out that he is already going back on his word.
So far, his cabinet picks and those he has invited to his home for meetings are some of the ugliest "swamp monsters," say senators.

Trump is Already Draining the Swamp

Trump's team is performing damage control and assuring the public that President-Elect Trump is already working hard to drain the swamp and set up plans so that he can follow through after January. Fox News reports that Trump is engaged and his team says that he is working hard to keep his word. They went on to say that the rumors circulating about Trump falling back on his word were nothing more than upset lobbyists and politicians removed from the Trump transition team lashing out.

Can the President-Elect Really Drain the Swamp?

While his promises seem genuine, CNN pointed out the issue of draining the so-called swamp of Washington. Trump's first plan for getting rid of swampy politics is to remove lobbying by placing a strict ban.
This ban is celebrated by both parties, but it may soon become a disappointment. This is not the first time that a president has promised to get rid of lobbying. In fact, President Obama during his 2007 campaign stated that he was running to place a ban on lobbying. That ban never followed through after his victory.
Trump's ban means that politicians who leave government could not lobby for at least five years. However, he did not provide a clear definition of what he thinks a "lobbyist" is, and without a clear definition, there are plenty of ways for politicians to skirt around the ban and continue operating as they have.
Trump's transition team has received heavy scrutiny over the past few weeks. He himself has prominent lobbyists on his transition team, says The Hill. Also, he has appointed Stephen Bannon as his chief strategist, which has raised significant concern in Washington as well as the public.
Stephen Bannon has a history of questionable actions, and Democrats as well as some Republicans are worried about past opinions he has shared and how they will reflect during his stay in the White House.
Kellyanne Conway has urged the public to consider Bannon's entire career, rather than the highlighted moments by the media. She points out the fact he has a degree from Harvard, he was a U.S. Naval officer, and that he has a highly successful career.
Conway also criticized those that are continuing negativity about the election. She said that she was disappointed in the public rejecting Trump's victory, says Fox News. In her defense of Trump, she also went on to state that those upset will no longer have a reason to do so once Trump adds 25 million jobs to the market as president.