Early voting resultsEarly voting began near the end of September, reports CNN, and already 18 million Americans have cast their vote for the United States' next president. These 18 million voted before James Comey, director of the FBI, announced reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton's private email server.
The numbers poll well for both candidates, but there seems to be a favor more toward Democrats than Republicans like to hear.
CNN states that the Democrats have removed the disadvantage they had in Florida, and their numbers are well above the numbers reported at the same time in the 2012 election. Also, Nevada is looking more toward blue than red this year.
Democrats have also improved their votes in Arizona and Colorado (two key battleground states). Compared to the 2012 election, Clinton's early voting results are swinging in her favor.

Republicans Gaining Ground Too

While the Democrats do look like they are doing better than those in 2012, the Republicans are not out of the race yet. As of now, they are slightly better in North Carolina and Iowa. This is based on the absentee ballots and early voting results, which include 12.6 million votes from 37 states participating in early voting, says CNN.
One explanation for the Democratic favor is that more registered Democrats have cast their votes than Republicans in states like Nevada and North Carolina.

GOP Might Lose Arizona

Arizona, which is traditionally a red state, looks like it may turn blue for this year's election, says CNN. Already the gap has closed significantly, and the Democrats are catching up. Republicans only have 34,000 votes. In comparison, they held 62,000 votes at the same time in the 2012 election.

Colorado Could Go Either Way

Colorado does almost every single county with mail-in ballots, says CNN. Every registered voter in the state has received their ballot, and there is a significant number already turned in.
Republicans are up by 27,000 votes in the state so far, which is a big turnaround compared to the 2012 election at this time. However, registered Democrats lead registered Republicans in the number of votes and turnouts so far.

Battleground State of Florida

While the GOP currently leads Democrats in Florida, the numbers are slim. Registered GOPs are up by 13,545, says CNN. However, this is a smaller lead than they had just one week prior, which means Democrats have the chance to catch up and possibly turn this state back to blue.
Florida leads the nation regarding early voting, which is said to be at three million ballots cast already in the state. Florida is notorious for early voting too.

Trump Must Win Ohio

To have a chance in this year's election, Donald Trump needs a win in Ohio. Already the GOP is up by 39,000 votes, which is better than the 2008 election.
As the Election Day nears, there will be more changes in the polling and potential leads or gains for each candidate. While the election is not over, it is interesting to see how many states which are traditionally red are now considering moving to blue.