Facebook Slammed by Former EmployeeOn Monday, Facebook was criticized by Mythili Sampathkumar, a woman who introduced herself as a former news writer for the social giant's trending section. In her opinion, Facebook treated its staff members "like garbage." She also underlined the fact that the company's fake news problem was caused by Facebook's decision to fire the entire editorial team.

Mythili Sampathkuma firmly believes that her former employer saw its staff members as a stepping stone to the algorithm it eventually adopted to maximize the reach, efficiency and popularity of its trending section.

Facebook announced earlier this year its decision to cut down jobs in its trending section, the module where employees curated trending news meant to capture the attention of Facebook readers. Shortly after rolling out the algorithm that replaced the human content editors, the section pushed out a series of false stories that may have had the power to influence the outcome of the U.S presidential election. This issue has inevitably impacted the level of credibility of the social giant, considering that it was widely criticized for exposing its users to questionable content.

In response to this wave of criticism, Zuckerberg talked about the delicate balance that Facebook must achieve, indicating that his company should address this issue without preventing sharing of pertinent opinions, or restricting access to quality, accurate content. Moreover, he revealed that Facebook will rely on high-authority, reliable third parties and community members to avoid spreading fake news in the future, and offer its users unlimited access to first-hand, error-free articles with real substance.

While Facebook seems eager to fix its wrongdoings, one of its former trending news writers slams it for its attitude towards its employees.  "As a former Facebook Trending News writer and current actual-human, Facebook has always had an answer to the fake news problem: our team. They treated us like garbage because we were all contractors, had zero leadership, and thought we were just pre-cursors for an algorithm," confessed Sampathkumar on Twitter.

In a blog post, social media platform representatives said their decision to fire the editorial team revolved around their ambition to make their news module operate in a more effective manner, on a larger scale. Their goal was to enable the section for a larger segment of readers- an objective that would have been difficult to achieve while relying solely on topics summarized by hand.

According to a source interviewed by the Guardian, the staff members in charge of curating topics for the trending module were fired without notice, during a meeting that took place in the presence of a security guard. The now former Facebook employees got their four weeks' severance. Even so, Sampathkumar still blames its past employer for mistreating its editorial team, and firing it with "no grace, no care, and no notice" a few months ago.

In what Zuckerberg's new plan to handle fake news is concerned, Sampathkumar remains skeptical. She believes that it takes more than superior programming to avoid similar crises in the long term. In her opinion, a better algorithm is not the best solution to this problem, considering that only human eyes can deal with some of the key elements related to news judgment.