Snake River near Twin falls.
Idaho man survived after being hit by a pick up truck, falling from a distance of 50 feet, and swimming in the icy waters of Snake River.
An Idaho man is very lucky to be alive after surviving an accident that makes 'Final Destination' look like a child's play.
According to the authorities from Idaho, Steven Arrasmith, a 34-years old correctional officer from Mesa, was hit by a speeding pickup truck and plunged into the icy water of the Snake River from more than 50-feet. The man got off with a broken leg and mild case of hypothermia.
As Arrasmith declared, that he was on his way to work when he spotted a vehicle stopped in the middle of the road. Arrasmith works for the Idaho Department of Juvenile Correction in Nampa, which is two hours away by car from Mesa, the Idaho man's hometown.
After spotting the vehicle stranded in the middle of the road, Steven Arrasmith stopped and got out of his car in order to see if anybody needed assistance. From the other direction came a pickup truck.
As the authorities explain, due to the fact that ice covered the road, the driver of the pickup truck hit a slab of ice and lost control of his vehicle. After getting out of his car, Arrasmith said that he immediately saw a high-speeding vehicle coming towards him.
The out of control pickup truck struck the Idaho man and pushed him over the waist-height concrete wall. According to the authorities, the accident occurrent of the bridge on I-84.
As Arrasmith remembers, after being hit by the car, he managed to catch the edge of the wall with both hands, but his hands slipped, sending his straight into the icy water of the Snake River. The authorities said that Arrasmith fell for more than 50 feet before hitting the surface of the water.
Fortunately, the Idaho man kept his with about him and knew exactly what to do before hitting the water's surface. The fall broke Arrasmith's right leg, but that didn't discourage him from escaping.
According to the victim's statements, after plunging into the icy waters of the Snake River, he immediately began to head towards the shore. During his wild race, Arrasmith says he could clearly see the image of his 7-month old son in his mind, and this made him fight for his life.
Soon after he reached the shore, a rescue party picked up the man and took him to the local hospital where he now waits for his surgery.
Image source: Wikipedia