Kaley Cuoco plastic surgeryThese days, very few celebrities are actually straightforward when it comes to discussing more or less recent changes in their appearance. While some credit Mother Nature for certain endowments that look too good to be real, and rely on a virtually endless list of tricks to distract our attention from adjustments that have a major impact on their looks, self-confidence, and profession, some celebs choose to open up about their transformations, talking about the ways in which plastic surgery has benefitted their relationships, career, and self-image.
Kaley Christine Cuoco, known for portraying Bridget Hennesy in 8 Simple Rules, and interpreting Penny in The Big Bang Theory, a role that brought her a Satellite Award in 2012, fits in the latter category. In a recent interview published by Women's Health, she told the story of all the surgical procedures she underwent to correct flaws that were standing in the way of her success in her personal and professional life.
The star revealed she had her nose done a few years ago. She also referred to her breast augmentation as one of the best things she ever did. Moreover, Cuoco is a big fan of fillers, which she sees as a magical and totally reliable solution that one could count on to get rid of unaesthetic lines and wrinkles. Through this method, the actress managed to fill a line in her neck that she's had since she was 12. Cuoco is clearly the adept of positive transformations achieved by going under the knife, and encourages everyone to follow into her footsteps to address imperfections that may affect the way they look and feel about themselves.
Furthermore, it seems that The Big Bang Theory star doesn't embrace the idea that one should settle for the beauty that comes from within. In her opinion, people who are not pleased with their appearance should consider their options in terms of plastic surgery, and opt for the safest, most effective procedure that could help them accentuate their natural beauty, correct imperfections, and achieve a superior level of self-confidence.
"As much as you want to love your inner self...I'm sorry, you also want to look good. I don't think you should do it for a man or anyone else, but if it makes you feel confident, that's amazing," states Cuoco, who admits to the fact that surgery has played an important part in her stunning transformation.
However, the actress also highlights the fact that going under the knife to improve her appearance isn't the sole strategy she employs to boost her self-esteem and power of seduction. Apparently, the 30-year-old star works really hard to stay young and in great shape, and spends many hours at the gym on a weekly basis. She eats right; plus she is constantly adjusting her workouts to discover new passions, stay active, and prevent boredom at the same time. So far, she has tried Pilates, spinning, and yoga.
Regardless of how she chooses to work on her appearance, Cuoco is well-liked by many for her openness regarding her under-the-knife experiences, an attribute that is truly rare among Hollywood stars.