Donald Trump Changes of mindDonald Trump said a lot of things in his campaign as well as when he accepted then win on Election Day. However, since his victory, President-Elect has made some astounding flips and flops on campaign promises that have even his truest supporters questioning his actions.

According to EcoWatch, Trump sat down for an on-the-record meeting with the New York Times, where he admitted that he was open-minded about climate change. He was open to hearing about new policies and the sciences behind it.

Trump now admits that there is some connectivity between climate change and the actions of humankind, but he still claims that smart people disagree with that theory.

What Else Has Trump Changed his Mind On?

The Washington Post did a thorough investigation in the multiple things Trump has changed his mind on, and it was quite eye-opening to some.

Trump was making up his own platform throughout the campaigning for president – and most people knew that. However, it is interesting to see all the changes that he has made in his approaches and how he plans to carry out the many wild promises he made to voters.

For example, Trump had all sorts of "plans" to defeat ISIS, but those plans were changing every time he sat down for an interview. In his first interview, he claimed he would find the right guy in the United States Military to take care of ISIS. Then, he changed his plan to a secret plan that he wouldn't share. Next, he said that he would send in American ground troops to stop ISIS, but then later changed his mind that he wouldn't do that either. Next, Trump said he would have American troops seize oil fields. Later, Trump turned again to capturing the oil fields, selling them, and giving it to the families of the soldiers who died protecting the oil.

The list of changes for his plans to handle ISIS continue in the article, further showcasing how quickly Trump's mind changes and how he comes up with ideas last minute without much thought.

Trump and Investigating Clinton

One of the biggest promises Trump made to the American people was that he was going to hire a special prosecutor to reopen the investigation into Hillary Clinton, says CNN. Those claims were what prompted the "lock her up!" chants at his rallies and events.

After the election, Trump made it clear that he had no intentions to prosecute or do anything to Hillary Clinton. He even went on to say he had no intentions of harming the Clinton family and that they had been through enough.

Affordable Care Act Changes

Again, Trump made it clear that he wanted to repeal and replace Obamacare, and it was his primary goal when he got into office. However, now that he has been voted as the next president, Trump has changed his mind, says the Washington Post.

Now, Trump said he might amend the Affordable Care Act because there are portions of the Act that he enjoys.