Sunday, February 5, 2017

Zoho Vault - Password Manager FREE FREE

Are you still writing down all of your passwords in some insecure, hardcopy form because you wouldn’t remember them otherwise? Do you need a quick and easy way to manage passwords in a workgroup? If your answers to these questions is a resounding YES, you need to hear about today’s discount software promotion, Zoho Vault - Password Manager!
Zoho Vault - Password Manager is the ultimate online password manager for teams, letting you remain organized while storing passwords securely. With Zoho Vault - Password Manager, you’ll be able to eliminate the use of spreadsheets and sticky notes while substantially improving organizational security. Need access while on the go? Zoho Vault - Password Manager supports the management of passwords from anywhere with an Internet connection.

BitsDuJour Software Receipt - Zoho Vault - Password Manager

Zoho Vault - Password Manager - Mac & PC
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Purchased 2/5/2017 7:59:48 AM
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Registration Information

Make sure to input the registration info exactly as it is shown below

Upgrades to future versions of the software will be free for 12 months


Use this registration information to unlock the software after installation.


Please notice below the steps required for the registration process:

Step 1. Sign up for a Zoho Vault account here.
Step 2. During the sign up process, you will be asked "Does your organization have an account with Zoho Vault already?".
Select "No, My organization is new to Vault."
Step 3. In the next page, fill in the Organization Name field. You can give any name here. This does need not to be your organization name.
Step 4. In the next page, you will be at your Zoho Vault account. You will note it says "You are now using the 15 day trial version of Zoho Vault". To activate the full license of zoho vault, please browse to this page and fill in the requested information including the promotion code from the BitsDuJour receipt email you received.
Step 5. Once you submit the online form, your account will be activated within 48 hours; While you wait, you can continue to use Zoho Vault with full functionality. Until the license is activated, the note will say you "you are using 15-day trial version." The message will automatically go away when the license is activated.

Zoho Vault is for both individuals and organizations.



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