Wednesday, May 24, 2017

TorrentSafe Premium (100% discount)

TorrentSafe Premium (100% discount)


Note: Make sure to read the directions below to learn how to use this!


Download 1: TorrentSafe Web App
Download 2: (Optional) TorrentSafe Chrome Extension

TorrentSafe is an online web app that works in any browser and any device: desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. To use TorrentSafe, you simply go to its website and enter the URL of the torrent you want to download. If you use Chrome, you can also download its optional Chrome extension. However, before you do anything you need to active your Premium subscription with the license key we give you above. To do that, simply go to TorrentSafe’s website, click ENTER LICENSE KEY in the top-right corner, enter your license key, and click OK. This will active TorrentSafe’s Premium features for you. Keep this license key safe because if you ever clean your browser cache or cookies, you will need to re-enter the license key to use the Premium features. You can reuse your license key for as long as its subscription period has not ended. Enjoy!

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